This site is my art gallery, my photo album, my place of remembrance.  An opportunity to share my perception of beauty.  In the future it may also become my storefront.  Photography is a reawakened passion from my youth, extinguished in my middle years by the demands of those years.  Now the freedom of age enables me to pursue and sometimes capture the beauty around me, whether it be a flower, a person, a landscape, or something not yet imagined.  The "About "  is better found in the images on this site than in the words I could write.  Click on "Photo Collections", select a collection by clicking on the cover image and enjoy.  I would  be pleased to have you comment via the contact tab.

I looked outside my front door thousands of times but in March 2015  what I saw caused me to run for my camera.  This is the result and an example of finding overlooked beauty.

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