The only thing that wasn't fun about the Fiesta was getting up at 4 a.m. and fighting the traffic to the location. The Nilz family has several hot air balloons. The largest is the  Cactus seen here in its bag having been extracted from the truck before the sun's arrival.  It is about to be spread out on the protective large blue tarp.  
A large crew of volunteers is needed to get this cactus to fly so all hands, even small hands help out.

After steel cables secure the Cactus from premature flight the gondola is assembled and attached to the balloon .  These two gentlemen held the brown skirt open so a young lady and another gentleman, each manning a very large fan, filled the balloon with  air.  Mrs. Nilz enters the Cactus to make sure there are no leaks. 
The Cactus waits in anticipation for clearance to fly from the guys in referee shirts.
Notified The signal given to Mr. Nilz by that Cacuthat his flight is next

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