The appearance of the super moon was a welcome complement to the colorful lighting. 
We arrived an hour before the start time of our event so being avid photographers we looked for opportunities inside the entrance building. We found a room well decorated for the holiday season with trains, villages, and flowers. This classic Christmas flower is the first example. 
Another example of the flowers in the room.
Yet another example of the beautiful flowers.
In this image it was just dark enough for the decorative lighting to take affect but the sky was still blue.
Another image that captures the colored lighting and the blue of the sky.
An example of the colors and shapes that make this a well attended event.
A field adorned with colorful cylinders.
Once again the cooperation of the super moon is much appreciated. The foreground is a closeup of the top of a large lighting display that changed colors. 
A statue, light sticks, the colored leaves, and the green dome appear in concert.  
The classic Garden Glow tunnel image is required shooting.

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