Succotash & Sassafras

Images by Wayne Tate

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2014
Cayos Cochinos
In April 2009 we departed La Ceiba, Honduras for a 19 mile sail to Cayos Cochinos. It consist of two small islands and 13 small coral cays. We stayed a couple of days and returned to La Ceiba. These images hopefully reflect the beauty we witnessed.
Garden Glow-Missouri Botanical Gardens
The Missouri Botanical Gardens, for a rather hefty fee, allows on one night in December photographers exclusive access, with tripods, to their impressive Garden Glow. The first half hour of the hour and half exclusive period it was not dark enough for this type of shoot so we stayed after general admission started at 5:30. After driving 100 miles one way the crowds and cold did not deter us. I share with you my favorite eleven of the couple hundred images I managed with frozen fingers.
In January and February of 2016 I sailed on the "Let It Be" with my daughter and her family 600 miles down the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California. The sea is bordered by the Mexican mainland on the north and east and the Baja peninsula on the west. The images in this collection are a pictorial history of that adventure.
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